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What is Side Channel Blower?

Regenerative (side Channel) Blowers, Ring Blowers, Vortex Blowers, Vacuum Pumps, Air pumps, Industrial air blower.


Side Channel (Regenerative) Blower, (as known as Vacuum pump, Air Pump, Ring Blower, Vortex blower)refers to a Blower with a range pressure of 30Kpa to 200KPa or a compression ratio of e = 1.3 to 3 under design conditions.

Working principle of Side Channel blower:

When the impeller of Side Channel Blower rotates, the wind direction causes the gas to move forward and outward due to the centrifugal force; 

Thereby forming a series of spiral motions, the air between the impeller blades rotates in a spiral shape; And squeezes the gas outside of Side Channel Blower into Side Channel,  (inhaled by the suction port), when it enters Side Channel;The gas is compressed and then returned to the impeller blade again; Speed up the rotation, when air passes through the impeller and side slots along a spiral track; And then each impeller blade increases the degree of compression and acceleration, and also the rotation progresses; The kinetic energy of the gas increases, meanwhile, causing the gas pressure passing along the side Channel to increase further;

When the air reaches the junction of Side Channel and the discharge flange, the gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged through the outlet muffler.

Features of Side Channel Blower

In general, Side Channel Blowers have the following characteristics:
1. It has the function of blowing and sucking, and it can be used for both air and gas.
2, Oil less or no oil operation, the output air is clean;
3. Compared with centrifugal fan/blower and medium pressure blower, the pressure of Side Channel Blower is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fan;
4. If the body of Side Channel blower is integrally die-cast and meanwhile installed the shock-proof mounting foot, then it’s very easy to install; It can even operate normally without fixing the foot; It is very convenient and saves installation costs. And installation cycle;
5. Compared with others Air Blowers, the noise of the operation of Side Channel Blower is low; 6. The maintenance of Side Channel Blower is free; Side Channel Blower only loss two bearings, within the warranty period, almost won’t happen maintenance;
7. The mechanical wear of Side Channel blower is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, therefore the life of Side Channel Blower is very long.


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