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ATEX Blowers

ATEX Side Channel Blowers

ATEX side channel blowers, as known as bio gas blowers or explosion proof Vacuum pumps. Particularly they are applicable to different industrial processes. Such as, we can use it to Vacuum or pressure purpose, for example, spa aeration, waste water treatment, bio gas conveying or oil treatment equipment. And we also can use them to gas boosting, aquaculture, Gas analysis, Smoke extraction equipment, liquid agitation, sewage disposal or Milking equipment etc.

Actually, ATEX Side channel blowers or Bio gas blowers are dynamic compressors, inside, there is no contact with rotating impellers which transfer energy to the conveyed medium. When suck in the gas and the energy transferred, then takes place repeatedly in a machine stage. Next, on the pressure side of the side channel, the gas is stripped off at the interceptor point and flows to the pressure-side connection.

As for the advantages of ATEX side channel blower; in total, they have five points: First, Insulation class: F/H; Second, the Protection class :IP55;3; Third, oil free and low noise;Fourth, long operation lifetime;In the end, easy installation and no vibration.

ATEX side channel blower

Data sheet of ATEX side channel blowers:

Mode No.Power(KW)Air Flow(m3/H)Max Vaccum(Mbar)Max pressure(Mbar)

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Remarks:First, Please measured the surface of acoustic intensity according to the distance of EN216801 at 1 meter. At this time, it clamps the Side Channel Blower to a moderate inlet positive pressure;Connecting the hose to the exhaust side; And the suction side is not equipped with a negative pressure relief 2. To order information of the selection, please refer to the accessory set. Besides, the ultimate positive pressure of the valve basing on an ambient temperature of 25 °C; And relating to the cooling medium.3. Regarding the 2RB1 943 model, there is only a vertical installation.4. Tolerance: The motor complies with DIN EN 60 034/DIN IEC 34-1. It has an insulation class F. 

Three phase:Fixed voltage +10%Wide pressure +5%US Standard (UL) and Canadian Standard(CSA) are 10%/+6% respectively Simplex: Fixed voltage +5%Under continuous working conditions. If only using 90% of the maximum working positive pressure, then the voltage for the tolerance can increase to ±10US Standard (UL)and Canadian Standard (CSA) are 10% + 6% respectively Frequency ±2%.