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Regenerative blowers

Regenerative blowers/Ring Blowers/Vortex Blowers/ Side Channel Blowers/High Pressure Blowers/Vacuum Pumps/Ring Compressor Blowers/Air Blowers/High Vacuum Blowers

Our Factory, manufactures regenerative blowers /Ring Blowers/Vortex Blowers/Side Channel blowers/High Pressure Blowers/Vacuum Pumps/Ring Compressor blowers, they are used in everywhere when it is necessary to move air or gas. Using them to help with such industrial activities as water treatment systems or sewage aeration, vacuum systems, vacuum lifting and packaging,aquaculture/pond aeration etc.

Ring Blowers/Vacuum Blowers

Pressure up to 104Kpa

Vacuum up to 730Kpa

Air Flow up to 2500 M3/H


Working principle of Ring blowers:

The impeller of Regenerative blowers /Ring Blowers/Vortex Blowers/Side Channel blowers/High Pressure Blowers/Vacuum Pumps/Ring Compressor blowers consists of dozens of blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air in the middle of the impeller blades, is subjected to centrifugal force and moves toward the edge of the impeller. Where the air enters the annular cavity of the high pressure ring blower body. And recirculate it in the same way from the starting point of the blade. Impeller rotate, and generate airflow. Then the airflow depart through one side channel of the air pump at very high energy.  The regenerative compressor adopts special explosion-proof motor. Which is compact in structure, small, light in weight, low in noise, and has no oil.

Parts of Regenerative air blower:


2-Side channel



Parameter selecting:

The Regenerative blowers /Ring Blowers/Vortex Blowers/Side Channel blowers/High Pressure Blowers/Vacuum Pumps/Ring Compressor blowers, the main parameters of the selection are: power, air flow, pressure and vacuum, (please calculate it according your requirement), voltage etc.

Besides, made sure what kind of function of the high-pressure vortex blower you needed to use for. For example, if you need it to suck or blow.

Find out the exact pressure-flow curve, corresponding to the high-pressure side channel blowers; If you select the wrong curve, sometimes the selected product possibly wouldn’t work;

According to the pressure and flow rates calculated, find out the working curve above the working point, corresponding to the pressure and flow rate on the graph; Then, select the mode of high pressure ring blower according to the working curve.

Performance of Regenerative Compressor/Ring Blowers

Calculation of Regenerative blowers

The Ring Blowers/Vacuum Blowers are at different working location, so, their demand for pressure and air flow is different. Therefore, in order to get relatively accurate data, relevant calculations are needed.

Confirm the air volume of Blowers:

The air volume is defined as the product of the wind speed V, so the cross-sectional area F of the air channel.

Confirm numbers of Blowers:

Calculate the total air volume, required for the plant, according to the number of air changing in the selected room, and then calculate the number of pumps

Calculation formula: N=V×n/Q

Of which: N–number of pump (sets);

V–location volume (m3);

N– number of times of ventilation (each/H);

Q–A vacuum turbine blower (m3/h) of the selected compressor

To choose the ring compressors, which based on the actual situation of the plant, and try to select the compressor model to match the original window size.

Installation of Regenerative blowers

Place the Regenerative blowers/High Vacuum Blowers in a stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.

The direction of rotation of the impeller of the vortex blower,  must be the same as the direction of the arrow on the blower casing.

When the high-pressure ring blower is working, the working pressure should not exceed 8kpa,this is to avoid the excessive heat generated by the vortex blower, and the over-current of the motor, causing damage to the air pump.

In addition to the two side of the rotor of the motor, the ring compressor vacuum has no direct contact friction with other parts. The installation methods of vortex blower are mainly divided into two types.  The first type  is to install the pump body into  the axis of  the motor between with the impeller. This type, normally, doesn’t need to lubricate the surface of the axis.  Second type of  installation of Regenerative compressor, is to install the axis of the vacuum pump into the middle of the pump housing, and the axis of vacuum pump end should be regularly greased. (our Side channel blowers belongs to the first installation type, therefore, don’t need to do any maintenance to the blower).

Clean the filter net and silencer at both side of the Ring Blowers, according to the situation, to avoid the influence of blockage.

Connect the outer to the inlet and outlet of the vacuum compressor  by a hose, (such as rubber tube or plastic spring tube).

7. High pressure ring blower is strictly prohibited to put solid body, liquid and corrosive gas into the blower body.