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The application

Application of Regenerative blower

Product info

GOLTA Regenerative blower(Ring blower, Side Channel Blower, Vortex blower) are used everywhere when it is necessary to move air or gas (with vacuum or pressure). Using them to help with such industrial activities as water treatment systems or sewage aeration, dust and smoke removal, vacuum systems vacuum lifting and packaging, printing presses, aquaculture/pond aeration and soil vapor extraction etc.

Regenerative Blowers are available in single stage, double stage, three stage or multistage, and with motors single phase and three-phase.

Working principle

The impellers of Regenerative blower is mounted directly on the axis of the motor and are completely no contact. Since  install the axis of the Regenerative blower outside the compression hole, can operate it even at the maximum differential pressure, make sure that the maximum working reliability of the machine.

Drawn air in by the suction mouth, first, when it enters the side channel. Second, the rotary impeller, The last, speeds up air or gas in the direction of rotation, meanwhile the centrifugal force on the blade increase the speeds of air or gas blowing outward and the positive pressure increased as well. With the rotation processing, the kinetic energy of air or gas get increased.

The positive pressure along the side channel get further increased, since the side channel become narrow at the beginning of the outlet, air or gas is forced to blow out through outlet and the Silencer4.

Application details

Punch collector.
Sewing machine
Paper scrap
Waste gasses
Med suction
Paper dryer
Paper feeding machine
Paper holder
Vacuum transfer
Powder transfer

Electro facing
Sock Knitting
Pool & Spa
Hopper Loade